Friday, March 15, 2013

Alto Carbonite Extra Plate Clutch Kit Installed.

After completing the 1250 install, and the ignition mapping,  I felt it was time to make some other mods to the Roadster. After reading dozens of horror stories about the factory clutch's rivet plate taking a dump, I felt it time for an extra plate clutch kit. I mean what moron inserts two steel plates riveted together, instead of a couple more regular clutch plates. The Harley engineer that thought that up, should be slapped around. Now for the record, my rivet plate and the whole clutch pack from the factory look brand new and unused after 30k plus miles. So now I have a nearly new factory clutch pack in case I ever need it.

In any event, Rocketman suggested the Alto Carbonite Clutch kit. I know...everyone uses the Energy One or Barnett kit, but Rocketman pointed out that the cops that do the police motorcycle trials use this clutch kit and we all know how those get abused. It is interesting that the steel (drive) plates also have friction material on them.

It was super simple to change out the clutch pack. I want to thank my friend Scott Evans for allowing me to borrow his compression tool, it made the job a breeze. Hell the hardest part of the whole deal was getting all the bolts to the primary cover in and out. I set every adjustment to the clutch and primary chain tensioner exactly where they were before disassembly...and the damn thing seems to be perfect and needs NO adjustment at the moment. That may change as the new plates get bedded in but, seems good for now. I will report my impressions of this clutch kit as I get to put some miles on it.