Sunday, July 21, 2013

New Stuff from Precision Edge Machine

Sorry all, that I've been away so long. Sometimes you just get busy with life . Things have been FUBAR at work, and I've been putting in lots of hours just trying to keep things from imploding. 

I wanted to show everyone some new products from my friend Matt, at The Precision Edge Machine. Matt is expanding his line of Sportster parts to include some crash protection and an air cleaner or two. 

First, check out Matt's new Road Slides. These bolt to the top rear shock mount and come with a new and longer Grade 8 bolt. 

These are going to be available in two styles and in brushed or black anodized finishes. Matt is also working on a frame mount slider assembly for the front downtubes. I'll post pics of it when they become available.

Matt is also working on a couple of air cleaner designs, here is a teaser pic of one of them:

Matt is going to be sending me some of this stuff when it's ready, and I will install them on my Roadster and post some pics and a review.

In the meantime if you're interested in some more info on these items, I'm sure Matt won't mind you dropping him a line at: