Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Reprograming The TC88A Ignition Module

Whenever I want to try a new map, I always clear the Data Buffer first. This gives you a "clean slate" on which to write the new programming. Can you simply just overwrite the current programming? Probably...but in order to insure that the new mapping is correct, I just take the extra minute or so to wipe the module. After all, why take the chance of loading a possibly corrupted file? 

You can clear the Data Buffer by insuring that your module has power and your computer is talking to the TC88A. Using the TC88 Logging program, select: Communications and then Clear Data Buffer. You will get a warning that all data will be lost. Tell it OK. After several seconds, you should get a message that the Data Buffer is cleared...out with the old. You can close the Logging program if you like.

To load a new map file, you need to do the following. Using the PC Link TC88 program, do the following: Click on File and then Open Table. Select the map file that you wish to load. It should display as a graphic on your computer screen. Next, select: Communications and then Upload To EEPROM. The file should load once and then a second time, to verify. You should then get a message telling you that the Upload is complete. Now you have a new map.

That's the quickie version of how to change out maps. If you have further questions, just drop us a comment and the Jester Mafia will do our best to answer.


  1. GooddayM8. Is there a map that is the same or close to the original Harley 2006, 883. It would be a good reference point to start from.
    I am 39km from the closest petrol station and about 2 light years away from a dyno. I have to do it all on the road so it is adjust, go for a ride, adjust, go for a ride. etc etc
    IT would be useful to me as a base line to work from .

  2. As far as I know, the factory map curve is not available anywhere. I sent you a map with higher advance. Let me know if it works better for you. I have mapping with even more advance than that, if needed.

  3. Thanks I will check it out soon

  4. Hi Rico I finally got back to this. Can you let me know what I need to do to get maps for both bikes?
    Thks QuazyR