Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Little Sportster Justice

Today was my birthday, and the weather was beautiful in Oklahoma. Sunny and 70's with a mild northwest other words a perfect day for riding. I gave the new Smokin' Jester map a great workout today.

On my way home, there is a fairly steep hill about a half a mile long. So I'm jamming along at about 70-75 Mph when a hopped up Road Glide rolls up next to me near where the road starts to climb the hill. This poser with his fresh from the HD dealer clothes wanted to race. Hahahahaha...what a stupid fuck...of course I obliged. He was simply unprepared, for how fast my sled went from 70ish to over a ton going uphill. I love victimizing Big Twin's with my "Pocket Harley."

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