Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rocketman & Carburetors

 George Basore, aka Rocketman...will be a contributing author to this blog.

        He is perhaps the most knowledgeable motorcycle carburetor guy on the entire planet. He is my go to guy for all fuel related questions. So if you have a Harley Davidson carburetor question...feel free to click on comment, and ask.


  1. Getting ready to do the CVP kit to my bike, I would like some suggestions on jetting to start with.

    2004 1200cc
    SE .497 cams
    TC88A w Jester map
    Sampson 2-2 exhaust
    SE ham can aircleaner
    New Plugs
    Sumax Wires

    The bike was jetted by the dealer when the AC and pipes were added but not since the addition of the cams. I do not know what jet is in the bike now.

    I also do not know what jets this kit comes with.

    I do have some Dyno time early this spring but I want to get a good base point with the jet I start with.

  2. Esteid
    Thats a familiar name.

    I dont subcribe to the AFR being down around 12.9-1 would rather see it around 13.3

    I think your jetting will be close with a 45 pilot jet and a 175 main jet and set the idle mix using the idle drop method but it really takes some practice and a good ear.

    I also recommend the cooler spark plugs like the NGK DCPR8E gapped at .040 and learn how to index them.

  3. Thank you George,

    I appreciate the place to start with the 45 Pilot and a 175 Main.

    I will suggest to my tuner that I would like to stay closer to 13.3 on the dyno.

    In the thread where I decided the current direction of the bike you helped me pick out some 7 series plugs.
    NGK DCPR7EIX I purchased them. Do you think it would be worth returning them?

    Your post is number 38 in this thread. And like I said, I made a bunch of my purchases based on your suggestion, so thank you for the positive direction!

    1. ESteid...let us know how the jetting suggestions work for you. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

  4. I run the DCPR8EIX and I have my opinion on running the colder spark plug
    I think they reduce the "Carb Farts" !
    I really believe they are caused by a lean misfire created by a hot spot in the combustion chamber.
    I feel the cooler plugs helps the chamber cool down quicker
    I gap them to .040 and index them so that the open side of the gap faces the intake valve.
    Indexing is done with different thickness washers to raise or lower the spark plug.
    Thanks !

  5. hello GEORGE...WHAT COLOR?